Cambios Restaurant Incubator Participants


Cambios (“Changes”) Micro-development Program

Huerto de la Familia assists Latino families as they launch or expand their business concepts by providing trainings, connections to community resources, and developing a culture of entrepreneurship. The program consists of two major modules: training and business counseling.

  • Training: The training portion of the Cambios Program consists of a series of weekly three-hour class sessions over a 12-week period. Some of the topics covered are: development of business plans; creating links with markets and sources of capital; study of management skills; connection of future entrepreneurs to resources in the community; and, learning how to operate more efficiently. Classes are contingent upon community needs and vary in time and location.

Cambios Business Class Graduates, Spring 2017

  • Business counseling: The business counseling provided through our Cambios Program consists of a regular series of intensive one-on-one sessions with each participant and will work to provide guidance and support in editing and launching individual business plans.

Individual assistance