Buena Temporada

Ma Fernandez Ochoa, a graduate of the 2016 business program, has been a busy bee all summer long. She is a most inspirational human! She has had a rough life, is disabled in one hand, has a medical condition, but she persists! She is an unstoppable super human who refuels her soul through growing food. […]

Harvest of Pride: Seeds of Hope

The final film in a three-part series, Harvest of Pride: Seeds of Hope focuses on the unexpected opportunities for Latino immigrant entrepreneurs. Putting aside the negative hot button topics, there is a community of families and individuals trying to be productive, innovative and part of a new community. Using food as a blueprint, Huerto de […]

Meyer Memorial Trust Awards $132,000 for Micro-Development Program

Huerto de la Familia will receive $132,000 over two years from Meyer Memorial Trust for capacity building, technical assistance and a new micro-development program. In January 2012, Huerto will begin a new program to offer Spanish-language business training and counseling to families interested in enhancing or starting food and farm-based businesses. Huerto will partner with the […]