Buena Temporada

Ma Fernandez Ochoa, a graduate of the 2016 business program, has been a busy bee all summer long. She is a most inspirational human! She has had a rough life, is disabled in one hand, has a medical condition, but she persists! She is an unstoppable super human who refuels her soul through growing food. […]

Harvest of Pride: The Farm

The second film in a three-part series, Harvest of Pride: Growing Food Leaders follows a cooperative of Latino farmers who’ve launched their own successful organic farm business. It isn’t easy to be a farmer no matter who you are, but this group of families have overcome hundreds of obstacles and barriers to grow a volatile […]

Eugene Weekly Features Huerto de la Familia

The Weekly discusses how Huerto de la Familia received a $132,000 grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust. The article details the future relationship between the organization and Meyer Memorial Trust with a special look the newly created micro-development program. Visit the Eugene Weekly Web sitefor the full story: www.eugeneweekly.com.

UO designBridge Partners with The Small Farmers Project

The University of Oregon’s designBridge team partnered with The Small Farmers Project to build a deconstructable and moveable tractor shed structure with space for a cooler, selling stand and washing area. The space not only serves as the principal building on the farm for storage and refrigeration of organic black cap raspberries and strawberries, but also will be a […]

Small Farmers’ Project Receives Heifer International Golden Talent Award in USA

Each year Heifer International recognizes an individual or family in each country who has displayed exceptional achievement in converting minimal resources into a sustaining source of income while also assisting other families and their community. The Small Farmers’ Project was a 2011 recipient of the annual Heifer International Golden Talent Award in the United States. […]

Edible Portland Features Small Farmers’ Project

The Summer 2011 issue of Edible Portland presents a wonderful story about The Small Farmers’ Project, discussing the long road the cooperative of seven families have taken to be an established success. The article also maintains the importance of the farm’s headlining crop: black cap raspberries. With three times the antioxidants of blueberries, the farmers […]

KLCC Discusses Small Farmers’ Project & Black Cap Raspberries

Once a kitchen staple, the “black cap” raspberry fell out of favor, like other low-yield, less shelf-stable fruits. Now a unique farm run by Latino immigrants is reintroducing the berries to the local market. The 6-acre farm off River Road in Eugene grows “u-pick” organic strawberries that are tangy, fragrant and sweet. But what’s really […]