The Food Booth is Closed for the Winter. Below is the weekly menu from one of our previous participants.


Huerto de la Familia provides hands-on business learning opportunities through our food booth. Participants of the Cambios Program are trained in restaurant business operations using the certified kitchen to prepare meals, tracking income and expenses, displaying, marketing and selling food products, building a customer base and learning the health and safety regulations of food businesses.

Come support our new business entrepreneurs and experience authentic Latin American cuisine made by Huerto de la Familia families!



A common street food in Guatemala and a delicious twist on a sausage sandwich, served on toasted bread or a warm corn tortilla with Guatemalan guacamole and an array of fun toppings.


(Plate of one or three)

Enchiladas: Guatemalan enchiladas are meat tostadas. Tikal Latin Cuisine’s tostada has ground beef resting on a nest of a beet and cabbage slaw, lovingly garnished with a sprinkling of parsley and a slice of hard-boiled egg.


Tostadas: Guatemalan tostadas are vegetarian and have Guatemalan guacamole which is a fresh, creamy and tantelizing sauce, homemade refried beans, cotija cheese crumbles, onions and parsley.


We are a family of four, Annie, Edgar, Katherine, and Josias, and we would love to share our culture with you through food!  We are proud of our roots, and want people to know about our heritage, culture, and people. Guatemalans are hardworking, generous, and friendly folks who cherish family ties, and wish to treat all we meet like family. Guatemalan food is a blend of Spanish and Mayan cuisine, mixing the old world with the new in a very regional kind of way—for example, did you know Guatemalan food tends to not be spicy? So come on by and try some of our culinary delights!
Sincuir-Alvarez Family