• Date: April 15, 2012
  • Author: marissa
  • Category: Films

The first film in a three-part series, Harvest of Pride: Cultivating Community features the stories of families, social workers and community practitioners. While news media continue to focus mostly on the “hunger problem”, the film points to the largely ignored epidemic of food insecurity among Latinos and immigrants.

Food advocacy groups are quick to note food waste, food deserts and food security. But we all struggle with framing the bigger issue underlying food access and hunger for many Latinos in the United States: food justice. Huerto de la Familia sees people skipping meals in order to feed their children and sees people without reliable access to food assistance programs each day.

Harvest of Pride: Cultivating Community is a call for families and communities to raise their sleeves, get soil under their fingernails and experience the power of a little dirt. Challenging the inequities that exist for many Latinos and immigrants, Huerto de la Familia harnesses the idea that gardens are about community. Families reconnect with themselves and with their cultural world again. And while the bounty of the harvest helps save money on grocery bills and provides nutritious, culturally appropriate food…the garden becomes a special place where it “just feels good to be there.”

Special thanks to:

Sara Hopman | www.mediathatmattersfest.org/films/day_job/
For contributing footage from her documentary film, Day Job, a winner of the Economic Justice Award in the tenth annual Media that Matters Film Festival that covers the lives behind the people who do important work, but often are given no voice.

Cascade Creative Productions | www.cascadecreativeproductions.com
For contributing footage from the project Closer to Home a film due out in 2012 that examines what people in Lane County, Oregon are doing to make their lives simpler and more sustainable.

Featured in the film:

  • – Sarah Cantril, Executive Director, Huerto de la Familia
  • – Young Kim, Executive Director, Fondy Food Center
  • – Megan Carney, Cultural Anthropologist & Activist
  • – Jorge Navarro, Micro-enterprise Manager, Huerto de la Familia
  • – Onecimo, Organic Gardening Program, Huerto de la Familia
  • – Yolanda, Organic Gardening Program, Huerto de la Familia

US | 2012 | 13 mins | English subtitles