The second film in a three-part series, Harvest of Pride: Growing Food Leaders follows a cooperative of Latino farmers who’ve launched their own successful organic farm business. It isn’t easy to be a farmer no matter who you are, but this group of families have overcome hundreds of obstacles and barriers to grow a volatile but antioxidant superstar fruit: organic Blackcap raspberries. In addition, they grow multiple kinds of organic strawberries for the community to U-pick.

Huerto de la Familia understands that in order to truly fight food insecurity at its core, you must improve families’ ability to be self-reliant with stable, higher earned income opportunities. The Small Farmers’ Project was born in partnership with Heifer International as a pilot project to see how food-based businesses can improve local food economies and benefit those working hard to get by.

Harvest of Pride: Growing Food Leaders is about empowerment. It powerfully demonstrates the multiple benefits of being one’s own boss, working as a part of an organic farm business and planting the seed of awareness for the community about preservation of our land and planet.

Featured in the film:

  • – Sarah Cantril, Executive Director, Huerto de la Familia
  • – Young Kim, Executive Director, Fondy Food Center
  • – Fred Kirschenmann, Distinguished Fellow, Leopold Center
  • – Tom Lively, Senior Account Representative, Organically Grown Company
  • – Severine von Tscharner Fleming , Director, The Greenhorns
  • – Megan Kemple, Program Coordinator, Willamette Farm & Food Coalition
  • – Margarito, President, The Small Farmers’ Project
  • – Basilio, Secretary, The Small Farmers’ Project

US | 2012 | 13 mins | English subtitles