designBridge - The Small Farmers Project

The University of Oregon’s designBridge team partnered with The Small Farmers Project to build a deconstructable and moveable tractor shed structure with space for a cooler, selling stand and washing area. The space not only serves as the principal building on the farm for storage and refrigeration of organic black cap raspberries and strawberries, but also will be a space for the cooperative of farm families to meet each week.

designBridge is a multi-disciplinary, student organization linking the University of Oregon with the surrounding community by offering design and design-build services to clients. The program’s focus is to bring the resources and energy of students to communities and organizations that don’t have access or resources to acquire professional design services.

The project was completed in fall of 2011 and capped off with a wonderful celebration of delicious strawberry desserts and tours of the new space. Huerto de la Familia and The Small Farmers Project cannot express their gratitude and appreciation for the hard work by all the students and faculty involved throughout the project. A special thanks to the team members who put many hours of innovation and sweat into building this amazing multifunctional building.

The Beacon Design Team is a student design team within the DesignBridge organization located at the University of Oregon department of architecture.

The team was made up of ten undergraduates and graduates together under the direction of professor Juli Brode. Members included: Cameron Cole, Saumya Kini, Goen Kim, Heather Ferrell, Mandi Rawlings, Zarina Bell, Alex Froehlich, Max Reich, Dustin Locke, and William Smith.

For more photos and to learn about the project, please visit the designBridge Web site.

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