Harvest of Pride Book

Visual narrative is a unique opportunity to use images to tell stories. Harvest of Pride is a helpful conversation starter; the films enable a broader audience to understand issues, promote awareness and become advocates for a more equitable food community.

However, during the course of filming we realized that although the films might provide opportunity to reflect and grow from knowledge-sharing, we needed to create a companion piece that would enable the families to evoke memory to construct and reconstruct their own stories within their own family networks. Understanding that there is something pleasing about making visual ensembles, we created a visual narrative photo album to capture these complex memories and express feelings through an alternative medium.

The 160-page book features stunning photography, processed into black and white to eliminate all distractions from the core stories of each image. A few reflective essays are written by participants in the Harvest of Pride project, providing deeper looks into issues and ideas that don’t make it into the films. We explore through narrative and visuals the power of dirt, the importance of trust, changing life resolutions, food equity and why memory matters.

A preview of the book is included below: